Carer Electric Forklifts


Carer Electric Forklifts

Struggling to find an alternative to your high capacity pneumatic forklifts? Look no further than Carer Electric Forklifts. Founded in 1976, Carer specializes in producing high capacity counterbalanced electric forklift trucks. With capacities up to 40,000 lbs on specialty models, these forklifts can fit perfectly into any application.

This dynamic forklift manufacturer can provide optimal solutions for both standard and special material handling applications. During every stage of construction, Carer focuses on ensuring the highest level of specializaiton and efficiency. The attention to detail paid to every manufacturing stage is unparalleled. Their professional approach and experience helps to produce these high performing and reliable high capacity electric forklifts.

The Carer Advantage

With over 40 years of experience in designing, developing, and producing high capacity electric forklifts, Carer has created a suitable alternative to internal combustion forklifts. Many other electric forklift manufacturers do not carry high capacity options. This is where Carer excels.

Carer can provide all the benefits of an electric forklift without compromising any elements of performance. The energy efficiency compared to an internal combustion engine is unmatched. You’ll get more lifting power out of one charge of your Carer electric forklift than you would from one tank of fuel in an IC forklift.

Your operators will thank you for switching to an electric forklift. Minimal vibrations and noise pollution are created from running an electric forklift. This allows your operators to work safely and comfortably for longer. There are also no harmful emissions emitted from an eletric forklift. Not only are you helping reduce your environmental impact on the planet, but you’re improving your operators’ quality of life while at work.

Above all, making the switch to an electric forklift is an investment in your future. The actual cost of purchasing a forklift is only a fraction of the overall running costs. By investing more upfront with the purchase of a Carer electric forklift, you’ll save money in the long run on fuel costs and maintenance.

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