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Combilift Side Loader Forklifts

Over the past 20 years, Combilift has become a leader in the long-load handling market with over 40,000 units sold worldwide. As a forklift manufacturer, Combilift’s goal is to bring innovation to the material handling industry.

Combilift is revolutionizing the way the warehouses handle long and awkward loads. When space is limited, it’s imperative that you have equipment that won’t compromise your available warehouse space. A side loader forklift is the perfect solution. By optimizing your warehouse, you’ll be able to increase the amount of storage space available.

By picking loads up from the side of the forklift, the operator can safely navigate forwards into an aisle and collect product without having to turn around. The aisles in your warehouse only need to be as wide as your forklift. You’ll be able to set up your aisles closer together, increasing your overall storage capacity. With capacities ranging up to 150,000 lbs there is little these side loader forklifts can’t handle.

4-Way Directional Steering

This patented, leading-edge technology is what sets Combilift apart from its competitors. The unique 4-way steering system standard in all Combilift forklifts allows the wheels to turn under the machine. Quickly and easily switch from driving forwards to sideways while navigating in and out of aisles. This multi-directional capability will allow you to revolutionize your warehouse operation.

This functionality is not limited to indoor use only—enjoy all the benefits of a side loader forklift while working outdoors too! With pneumatic and cushion tire options, and electric, LPG, and diesel configurations, you can find the perfect Combilift forklift for your operation.

Operator Safety and Comfort

Operator safety is incredibly important to consider when choosing a forklift, When you work with long loads you need to ensure you’ve got the right equipment for the job. It’s extremely risky for both operators and product to move long loads around with just a conventional forklift. A wider carriage will help stabilize the load better than what comes standard on a normal forklift.

The multi-directional travel capability allows operators to make less turns while moving product. The less turns, the less risk there is of injury or other dangers to the operator and their surroundings. The integrated platform helps the load stay secure while resting during transit. Not only does this help stabilize the load, but it reduces unnecessary strain on any moving parts on the forklift.

The operator’s cab provides excellent visibility, allowing the user to maintain a comfortable posture at all times. Enjoy optional features such as heating, air conditioning, and a sound system all inside the cab. There are even USB ports available, adding to the safe and comfortable operator experience.

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