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Genie – Offering outstanding performance & reliability

Genie manufactures some of the most advanced, highest valued lift equipment in the industry. Genie distinctive blue lifts set the standard for performance and durability – not to mention support from people who understand your business.

At Genie Industries, the concept of lifting people and materials higher extends beyond the products we build. It reflects the spirit of partnership behind everything we do. We’re a global company that’s deeply connected to our customers– working to help you build your business.

Genie Industries began in 1966 with the introduction of the Genie® Hoist, a portable, pneumatic material lift. It was followed by additional material lifts and a series of aerial work platforms to meet customer demand – products that quickly gained worldwide recognition and often represented breakthroughs in design.

If you need to lift, lower or move material, there is a Genie material lift that is just right for you. When you need to elevate a person to a work area, Genie’s manually-propelled aerial work platforms or self propelled runabouts are the ideal low cost solution.

When more mobility is required along with maneuverability in crowded work areas, there is no better choice than Genie scissor lifts. Genie articulating Z booms, telescopic S booms and telehandlers provide the ultimate in lifting versatility, reach and performance.

Genie’s full line of products offers you outstanding performance, reliability, safety and value backed by the dedicated Genie Team that is always working for you. Genie’s diverse product line offers you efficient solutions to your worksite challenges.

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Genie Industries. Since 1966.

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